What’s the Best Magnification for Binoculars?

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When you decide to choose a binocular the first thing you may be thinking about is the magnification power.

And it is very normal because we use binoculars because of their magnification power that enables us to see objects in greater detail.

But when we start our research which is what we all do before making our decision we get confused.

Because there are different binoculars with different magnification power, from different brands, with different field of view.

Ultimately the only thing that cares us is what’s the Best Magnification for Binoculars?

How to choose the right one that meets our requirements and purposes.

In this article I will try to break it down into details and help you choose the right set of optical instrument.


Purpose of use

When you plan to choose a binocular the first thing to keep in mind is the purpose of use. Think where you plan to use it.

I understand that choosing optical instruments is not easy. There are hundreds of different types of binoculars available on the market.

What is suitable for one purpose may not be suitable for another purpose. You can’t find a binocular that can be used everywhere.



For theatre and concerts

For example, if you want a binocular for concerts, theatre you need a super compact binocular with a medium magnification power.

Because the distance between you and the object is not huge. You don’t need super powerful binocular.

You need super compact optical instrument that you can hold in your hand for a long time that doesn’t cause hand shaking.

As a result you get steady image and comfortable experience.

For this purpose binoculars with magnification 3x or 4x would be the most suitable optical instruments.


 OperaView OV-4×10 – BK-7 prism

– Wide field of view
Magnification power 4x
Customer satisfaction: Yes
Price: $75

OperaView OV-4x10 - BK-7 prism

4,4 score






  Levenhuk Broadway 325F Opera Glasses 3×25
Wide field of view
Magnification power 3×25
BaK-4 prism
70% customer satisfaction
Price: $29.35

Levenhuk Broadway 325F Opera Glasses







For sporting events

For sporting events at stadiums you need more powerful binoculars because of the distance between you and objects.

Magnification 6x, 7x or 8x would be perfect.

These binoculars are not super compact but still they are lightweight and medium compact optical instruments.

Just make sure to choose roof prism binoculars because they are lightweight and more compact then porro prism binoculars.


  TrailMaxx TM-8×21 – (BK-7 prism)

– Wide field of view
Magnification power 8x
Customer satisfaction: Yes
Price: $40

TrailMaxx TM-8x21 - BK-7 prism

4,4 score






  Stinger HW-8×22 – BK-7 prism

– Wide field of view
Magnification power 8x
Customer satisfaction: Yes
Price: $50

Stinger HW-8x22 - BK-7 prism

4,4 score




For bird watching and hunting

For bird watching, hunting the ideal choice would be choosing binoculars with magnification 8x or 10x.

I believe for this purpose you have to decide which magnification is the ideal for you depending on how you are planning to use binoculars.

For bird watching magnification 8x is enough especially for moving targets.

In case of moving targets you need wider field of view which is best achievable with magnification 8x.

For standing hunting purposes without necessity to spot moving targets magnification 10x is the best choice.


  Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Compact Binocular 10×25

Wide field of view (waterproof/fog proof)
Magnification power 10x
BAK-4 prism
Customer satisfaction: 90%
Price: $149

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x25

4,8 score






  Zeiss 8×25 Terra ED Compact Pocket Grey-Black Binocular

– Wide field of view
Magnification power 8x
High quality ED glass optics, waterproof
92% customer satisfaction
Price: $289.99

Zeiss 8x25 Terra ED Compact Pocket Grey-Black Binocular


4,7 score




For hiking and traveling

For hiking, traveling magnification 10x, 12x would be ideal choice. For this purpose you may not need wide field of view binoculars.

Because some objects me be far from you and you need to focus more on the magnification power of the binocular rather than its field of view.

I would recommend magnification 12x or even 15x for traveling purposes.

When it comes to magnification 15x most binoculars are big but there are some good ones that are lightweight and medium compact. You can see them below.


  Nikon Trailblazer 10×25 Binoculars

Wide field of view (waterproof/fog proof)
Magnification power 10x
BAK-4 prism
Customer satisfaction: 90%
Price: $79

Nikon Trailblazer 10x25 ATB


4,8 score





   Levenhuk Karma PRO 12×50

– Magnification power 12x
– Waterproof/fogproof binoculars
– Bak-4 roof prism optics
– Fully multi coated lenses
– Field of view, °: 4.7, Field of view, yds/1000 ft: 246






  Levenhuk Karma PRO 16×42 Waterproof Fogproof Binoculars
Bak4 Prism
Magnification power 16
Customer satisfaction: 100%
Price: $103.95

levenhuk 16x42


4,8 score





For simple astronomical purposes

For simple astronomical purposes magnification 20x, 25x is the most suitable optical instrument and the most affordable.

You can see moon, planets in much greater detail than with magnification 10x.

But for serious astronomical observations it is not enough. They don’t have enough power for that.


  Bresser Spezial Astro 20×80
Bak-4 Prism
Magnification power 20
Customer satisfaction: Yes
Price: $222.45

Bresser Spezial Astro 20x80

score 4,8






  Orion GiantView ED 20×80 Waterproof Astronomy Binoculars
Prism type: ED lenses, Bak-4
Magnification power 20
Customer satisfaction: 100%
Price: $399.14

Orion GiantView ED 20x80


4,7 score






   Oberwerk 25×100 IF Deluxe Binocular

Field of view 2.4°
 BAK-4 Prism
Magnification power 25
Customer satisfaction: 90%
Price: $499.95

Oberwerk 25x100 IF Deluxe Binocular





For serious astronomical purposes

For serious astronomical purposes you need magnification 40x, 50x, 60x, 90x.

With this type of powerful binoculars you can see not only moon but even Mars, Saturn rings, constellations.

But these optical instruments are very expensive.


  25/40×100 Long-Range Observation Binocular with TR3 Tripod
Prism type: High quality optics
Magnification power 40
Customer satisfaction: 100%
Price: $2.350

25:40x100 Long-Range Observation Binocular oberwerk

4,6 score





  BT-70-45 Binocular Telescope
Bak-4 Prism
Magnification power 48
Customer satisfaction: 100%
Price: $995

BT-70-45 Binocular Telescope


4,7 score






  BT-100XL-ED Binocular Telescope
ED Prism
Magnification power 94
Customer satisfaction: 100%
Price: $2.495

BT-100XL-ED Binocular Telescope


4,6 score




What’s the Best Magnification for Binoculars?

So, in this article I tried to explain what is the best magnification for each type of activity.

You can’t find a binocular that can be used everywhere. Because it depends on the purpose of use.

The best magnification for binoculars  is the one that meets your requirements and serves your purposes in the best way possible.

If though you want to know my opinion about regarding the best magnification for binoculars I think the best is one that is the most suitable for general use.

For general use I believe magnification 8x and 10x is the best. If you want a powerful binocular with a wide field of view  then 8x is the ideal choice.

If you want more powerful and with a little narrower field of view then 10x is the ideal choice.




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